Criminal Defense

If you have been charged, or feel you may be charged, with a crime the best way to protect yourself and your rights is to contact an attorney immediately. Do not discuss your case with anyone without an attorney present.

Before Being Charged

Charges get filed all the time that should not be. Sometimes the police or the prosecutor engages in over-charging. The time before charges are filed is a really important time. Most people don't understand just how much can be accomplished before an official charge is filed. It cannot be overstated how important it is to have an attorney who can make sure that all of the favorable evidence gets preserved and investigated. Police and prosecutors are regular people and they can be persuaded by reason and zealous advocacy. You must have a lawyer who is capable of getting their attention and pointing to the evidence that does not comport with their original view. You have to make the prosecutor look at the facts more than once and impress on them what they are missing. More importantly, you need an attorney who can persuasively communicate all mitigating information. A lot of this comes down to being sociable and having people skills. You need to have a defense lawyer with these skills or it may actually harm your case. That is why here client communication is always the first step. If you are not comfortable with your attorney - a prosecutor will not be either. Your belief in your attorney is our number one priority.

After Being Charged

The defense of individuals under investigation by law enforcement or accused of crimes requires a thorough review of the evidence, immediate and constant communication between client and his counsel, in-depth through investigation into the allegations, knowledge of the applicable law--including the latest appellate decisions interpreting rights afforded under the United States Constitution--and recognition from the prosecution that counsel will be prepared to zealously fight for our client through all stages of litigation. You will need an attorney that you can trust, one that can present you in the way that you deserve. Our attorneys utilize all of these factors to achieve the best possible result for our clients. Remember the attorney is working for you.

Collateral Consequences

Even when a court case is done, there are many collateral consequences to consider if you have been accused of a crime. Immigration status may be affected, your driver's license may have been suspended, and it may be harder for you to find employment. Our representation does not end as soon as the case is done. We represent our clients in every facet of the legal system and will be there to address the matters that other lawyers are simply not willing to.