Immigration Law

Business Based Immigration:

The U.S. visa and immigration system is a regulatory regime that is constantly changing in scope and complexity. Laws and regulations having to do with immigration are continually evolving to take into account new needs, advances in technology, and the continued globalization of the economy.

A lawyer is often the only person who can help during the seemingly overwhelming prospect of facing the immigration maze. The attorneys of Theta Law Firm, LLP will not only advise you, aid you, and explain the process, but they will also work directly with you to address your individual unique needs.

In each phase of the immigration system, many factors will come into play and no two circumstances are alike - because no two people are alike.

Some relevant factors about the visa applicant include:
  • The country of origin of the applicant,
  • The destination country,
  • The manner of entry into a particular country,
  • The applicant's current immigration status,
  • The applicant's prior immigration history,
  • The applicant's travel plans,
  • The intended length of stay and purpose of stay,
  • The work field and professional position of the applicant,
  • The ages of the applicant's dependents (if intending to travel with dependents)
  • And the applicant's professional, educational, and personal background.
Some relevant factors about the visa sponsor (employer) include:
  • The employer's financial ability
  • The employer's type of business and business operations
  • The salary offered,
  • The type of position offered and length of time expected at the position,
  • The timing and locations of filing and processing
All these factors need to be analyzed and reviewed by an experienced attorney that can then strategically plan the right type of Visa and the means to obtain such a Visa. We know that time is of the essence in these circumstances and our lawyers can efficiently work through the various federal government agencies to achieve results. Our lawyers will continue to work with you even after placement, monitoring and evaluating the ever-changing immigration law climate that may directly impact Visa applicants already placed or working their way through the immigration regulation process.

Visitors, Students, and Exchange Visitor Based Immigration
There are many other reasons to enter the United States for short periods of time, either for work, education, or leisure. The following are examples of reasons to obtain a special Visa to enter the United States that is not long term business based nor family based:
  • For individuals desiring to enter the United States temporarily for short-term, temporary business activities related to their employment abroad,
  • For foreign nationals who wish to come to visit the United States as tourists and/or to visit with family, or seek medical treatment,
  • For an individual to come to the United States to attend an academic program as a full-time student,
  • For individuals who would like to temporarily enter the United States to participate in a U.S. Department of State approved program that promotes educational and cultural exchange between the United States and other countries.
  • For individuals to come to the United States to attend a vocational or non-academic program.

Family Based Immigration
Naturalization to become a U.S. Citizen, bringing legally authorized child to the U.S., or getting married to a non-U.S. Citizen are some of the biggest decisions individuals can make. These decisions are difficult enough to achieve without having to hunt through the complex immigration laws and regulations that govern such complex situations. An immigration attorney can advise and explain the process and work with you every step of the way to fight for the right result.

Other Immigration Issues
We are a multi-faceted firm and we know that immigrations issues are present in various settings. We will work with you on immigrations issues wherever they may arise such as business formation, civil litigation or criminal defense. We are here to represent you in every facet of your legal needs.