Who We Are

Our practice revolves around our clients

Our primary goal is to provide the most effective representation for each client's unique needs. For us, our clients come first.

For our corporate clients, effective representation means not only providing the best legal services possible, but it also means protecting long-term business interests, understanding the client's needs, budgeting (and staying within budget), and communicating regularly. With litigation, we understand that winning the case is only half the battle; corporate clients are also sensitive to litigation costs, which our lean and tech-savvy firm minimizes. We also provide innovative solutions that help avoid future litigation, saving our clients considerable money and resources.

For our individual clients, this means building personal relationships, so that we can understand their specific circumstances and tailor our services to suit their needs. We do not practice law in a "one size fits all" fashion. We understand that every client is different. Accomplishing our goal of effective representation requires regular communication with our clients, so that they are aware of the status of their case. We learn about the concerns of our clients and the goals they want to achieve. We also seek to educate our clients so that they understand the law applicable to their case. Our practice is built on these relationships.

Our tenets are simple

We Communicate. We keep our clients informed with consistent communication on the issues that count. Establishing a solid attorney-client relationship is our priority. When a client has a question about their case, we provide a clear answer. And unlike most attorneys, we return phone calls!

We Listen. When our clients talk to us, we listen. If they want a quick settlement, that's what we strive to accomplish. If they want to take their case to a jury, we are ready to deliver. If they want us to stick to a budget, we keep a close eye on rising costs. We value each client's unique circumstances and what each and every client has to say.

We Advise. We use our experience and expertise to provide advice to our clients, sometimes going beyond simple legal service. We develop strategies to avoid costly legal problems. This means being consistently up-to-date and detail oriented. We are dedicated to helping our clients make sound decisions.

We Deliver. At the core of our practice is high caliber legal representation. We do our research and provide aggressive and effective advocacy to our clients in all aspects of the legal process with the goal of achieving the best possible results.